school is boring

right now its getting close to the end of the school year and there is freaking nothing to do. all i do is sit on the computer in teh class having nothing to do xD i dont really get the point of going to school these weeks when its like 8 hours of time of waster xD wish i had skype on my school pc but this freaking country blocks everything because they are sos strict about stuff. and something else is taht we have to go outside in the lunch which is like 1 hour and we have to go outside because its sunny and stuff but outside i will just end up staring at the sky. so if i could be inside i could have done so much more instead of wasting all that time xD and i also hate when i have all this time i dont have anything to do but when im busy and dont have alot of time i got so much to do…. 
dont think anyone would read this but if you are reading this now thank you 🙂 and have a nice day 😛

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