Sketch day 12 – Nico Robin from one piece

wow, today i found out that tomorrow was 1st december, well that came fast 😀 but now its actually 46 minutes over midnight which means its 1st december here now and i already opened my chocolate calendar 😀 i opened it when i was done drawing this sketch which was 10 minutes over midnight but i didnt wanna upload the sketch because i wasnt in a hurry 😀 but this is probably the first upload so early on a day, its only been 45 minutes of this day so far so yeah 😀
anyway sorry for all tha rubbish, here is tha sketch:

Sketch day 11 – Nami from one piece

so here is the original sketch that is supposed to be up today 😀 used around 15 minutes to draw this one but could have done it faster if i wasnt watching one piece amvs 😀 but anyway here is the sketch for today, i made it by 20 minutes left so there may be another one if i can make that aswell 😀

Sketch day 10 – Monkey D. Garp – from the marineford arc

so i drew monkey D. garp and again sorry for not posting any sketches this weekend, im lazy 😀 but what im doing now is just sketching alot of stuff which i like and then i gotta finish alot of drawing later :/ since i hate not finishing drawins i just have to do it so im kinda doing this to have a goal to draw xD
so here is tha sketch:


Sketch day 9 – Monkey. D Luffy – from the punk hazard arc

so this is a sketch i did from a scene from the latest episode of one piece in the punk hazard arc. if u ask me the punk hazard arc wasnt that good but its a arc that is needed to explain stuff and to keep the story going to the next place they are goign to which is Dressrosa where doflamingo is. and just a tip, for those that hasnt read the manga you should do it because its like 1 arc ahead of the anime plus its awesome xD
but anyway here is tha sketch

Sketch day 8 – crocodile from one piece

wow, i just wrote a long article about this sketch…. and everything was suddendly removed. well here we go again. so i decided to draw crocodile from the impel down arc when i was watching one of my favourite one piece amvs which was this one:

and also if you like one piece amvs you should check the other vids this guy has made, they are awesome. but anyway. i think crocodile is alot more cooler and better now than he was at alabasta since he know that luffy can easily beat him, luffy beat him all the way back at alabasta and he is alot stronger now so i think he still is stronger than crocodile. and besides, luffy knows crocodiles weakness which is water, it actually makes sense in two ways since water is super affective against sand and the devil fruit users cant touch water…. but anyway. i think crocodile was just going with luffy at this arc and at the marineford arc just to get out of impel down. but here is the sketch and sorry for the long text stuff xD


i feel pathetic xD

im sorry for not posting a sketch or anything today, i feel pathethic. i basically had to do other stuff and i also fell asleep -.- i dont sleep alot so im kinda tired some days. BUT! since there is no sketch today i will make 3 or 4 sketches tomorrow! just to make it up xD

hope you guyes dont mind and hope you understand