5 thoughts on “Pokemon #3 – flygon”

  1. Not bad again…and it’s been a long time since I last played a Pokemon game on the DS. I wanna try Black and White 2 and X and Y someday, too…

    Oh, and I remember how awesome it was to have a Dragon-Type Pokemon on my team. But when the day comes that I can play Pokemon X and Y…I must have those three bear Pokemon on my team…

    1. haha i havent played in a long time aswell, last game i played was heart gold when i found mewtwo in shiny 😀 but ive been playing black and white on an emulator but not black and white 2 😀 and i also dont have 3ds so…

      1. Well, if both of us manage to get a 3DS and Pokemon X/Y properly, then maybe we should share Friend Codes and play sometime. 🙂

      2. yes 😀 but i only got that first nintendo ds which didnt support my interet stuff so when i get a 3ds which support everything i think, i could finally play online 😀

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