Sketch day 38 – another OC inspired by frozen

so this drawing i did before the other one and i feel this one became pretty awesome exept the head got a bit big but im amazed i managed to draw the body pretty well also the clothes are something i made myself and the eyes became anime/manga eyes xD kinda looks like a boy but yeah, wahetever, i learn from my mistakes. that is why on every drawing i talk about what i did wrong and stuff because if u are good enough to see what you did wrong you are good enough to know how a good and nice drawing look like but i wont say i really learn from my mistakes all the time since i draw so many different drawings and each of them there is one thing wrong and with drawing you cant get better overnight, it takes time to learn stuff so i dont learn that fast by my mistakes, but its kinda mostly because im like copying pictures and not drawing from my mind because i basically dont know how stuff looks like the body, arms the placement of the arms at different poses and stuff xD but here is the drawing, i really should stop writing so much stuff -.-


Sketch day 37 – OC inspired by Frozen (disney)

so i now got a frozen wallpaper on my desktop on my computer #loveFrozen πŸ˜€ and i started drawing and i kinda looked over at it and got inspired and since i need to practice drawing body i did it and i really didnt look at the picture all the time like i use to do on my other drawings so most of the stuff was own created πŸ˜€
so hope you like it πŸ˜€ i kinda liked it but idk xD also the head or neck i think got a bit big :/


Sketch day 36 – Laxus from fairy tail

so Laxus “was” one of the strongest people in fairy tail but he was evil and stuff and didnt care about the guild and eventually someone had to put him down and that happend but i wont say who xD anyway after laxus was beaten he was kicked from the guild but he turned out as a nice guy since he learnt a lesson after getting beat and stuff but idk if something will happen to him in the futurebecause im still at episode 50 out of 175 so yeah πŸ˜€Β anyway the drawing turned out pretty good so hope you like it πŸ˜€


Sketch day 35 – another (really crappy) Anna from frozen

so this drawing turned out poop xD that is because i kinda drew in anime form when the hair and stuff looks so realistic, on the original picture we can see the hair is shining and is really realistic which i didnt do because i only draw black and white and i didnt shade it and also when im drawing animated faces they just turn out wrong to me because i cant really draw that realistic xD but its like my second disney drawing so yeah.. anyway just uploading it to have something to upload i guess πŸ˜›


Sketch day 34 – Anna from Disney’s Frozen

so i watched the disney movie Frozen today and ive realized something recently and that is that since i suck so bad at manga and im not the biggest fan of drawing manga ive never thought about the thing i love the most which is anime or animation. im a much bigger fan of animation because i love to see storyes that is made life to and its so much better because you can hear the voice of the caracters and everything is alot more emotional than reading manga for example. and ive always drawn stuff from animes and not manga which is two different things so i realized i wanna become an animator, and i really want to become an animator for disney but i guess that is too hard also looking at the quality of the animation of the disney movies i doubt i can ever draw that good.

but anyway Frozen is my new favourite disney movie xD i just love everything about it and now i want art book of it, posters, calendar and everything πŸ˜€ also i loved the characters in it so i tried to draw Anna which is like the second main character and i think it turned out very good, also remember the movie/picture is 3d animation and its a bit hard to draw but i think as a first time it became really good πŸ˜€ so hope you enjoy and sorry for the long text, i just love to write πŸ˜€


Sketch day 33 – Mystogan from fairy tail

so mystogan is one of the strongest people in the fairy tail guild but we know so little of him, atleast as far as ive come and i really like mystogan because i always love mysteries in anime/manga and this mystogan looks awesome! untill a day ago when i got to know his identity. i am very confused of who mystogan turned out to be but he just showed his power a little bit, then he left. so no spoilers if you know who mystogan really is xD but he looks so awesome with all his staffs and stuff and his cloak :Dnow here is the sketch so hope you enjoy πŸ˜›