Walking dead “The Prison showdown” (S4E8 review)

welcome to my first ever review on this blog 😛 the reason why i wanted to start reviewing stuff is because i love to share my opinion on stuff 😛

ok, so the episode starts off pretty normal and silent, it actually starts off with the govenor talking to his camp saying they need another place because they are not safe where they are. now as you remember from the last episode it ended with the govenor finding hershel and Michonne. he then takes them as hostages to trade them for the prison. now when they all go to the prison it starts with Rick going down to the fence to talk tot he govenor. Rick is trying to convince the Governor that they can live together which i think isnt a bad way. i mean, the world is at its end and they cant freaking live together in a HUGE prison just because they hate eachother. so the govenro then gets mad, takes michonnes sword and put it at hershels neck, ready to chop off his head. now then rick try again to talk sense into the govenor and for one second you think the govenor actually agreed, but no. instead he says “liar” swing the sword and chops a part of hershels head off. now this is the part where i started to get shocked. then Rick pulls out his gun standing alone in front of like 2 armed people and he shoots the govenor. he hits him but he doesnt die. then rick goes to security and the other people up at the prison start shooting and so does the other people. this is where the showdown begins!

so michonne manages to crawl away and untie her hands, then we can see hershel still living and trying to crawl away and i thought for one second he would live but no. the govenor goes to him and basically cut off his head. and that was probably the most shocking thing ive seen this season. then the govenor says “move in and kill them all!” and the tank they had they just move in with cars and start shooting. after an intesne battle where the tank made it up on top and everyone getting seperated and running away they actually kill them all and they live. the only detah so far was hershel. now what they had to do was to run since the zombies had already comed in to the prison place. but while this fierce battle happens rick and the govenor comes into a fist fight where it seems like rick is winning first but then the governor takes the lead and punch rick almost to death and choking him. and in the meantime Daryll is shooting aainst the enemy while zombies are coming from behind and he doesnt see them. then when i think “ok now they are all going to die” they dont. for some reason daryll managed to kill the zombie that came behind him and he used the zombie as a shield against the enemy, in the meantime the govenor is choking rick and the second it seems like rick is about to die, Michonne comens in and saves the day 😀 she stabs the govenor with her sword right trought her heart…. i think 😀
rick then gets up and is shouting for Carl. Carl comes out and they dont know where Judith is. they then see the baby seat thing that Judith was in and it was blood in it. rick and Carl now thinks Judith are dead and they start crying. Carl then shoots one zombie behind them and he keep on shooting and shooting the same zombie even without ammo in anger that Judith is dead. now i think Judith isnt dead but that the kids actualy took her with them, and besides, there wasnt any body anywahere of the baby so that meanse it isnt dead but someone took her with them. in the end we can see the lady that was with the govenor goes up to him where he is laying in the grass and she shoots him in the head. boom, the governor is finally dead! i waited so long for that 😀 then it all ends up that rick and the gang wins the battle with some wounds, they lose the prison and hershel and the governor dies.

so that was my review or whatever of the latest walking dead episode, sorry ti became a bit long but hope you enjoy 😀 also this episode was the mid season finale so the next episode is coming in february next year :/

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