Sketch day 21 – Lucy from Fairy tail

so i was watching an fairy tail amv and i just love the characters in fairy tail, they look so awesome!! 😀 but anyway since i never watched fairy tail i started watching it and ive seen the first episode, that all i got the time to do today but yeah, i think it looks like an great series but i dont think it would be as good as dragonball or one piece which is my favourites. but anyway back to the drawing, i think this is one of the few girl drawings i ended up liking so i hope you guys will like it too 🙂
Lucy from fairy tail

3 thoughts on “Sketch day 21 – Lucy from Fairy tail”

  1. I’m not that interested in Fairy Tail anymore, but when I went through it some time in the past, I found it to be awesome with all the various magic powers and all that. The anime made them more flashy, too, and whoa yeah.

    1. yeah, im watching it now and im on episode 5, but i feel there is something missing and i think the thing i want to see is a real fight and i wanna see natsu use his full power 😀

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