Sketch day 26 – Natsu from Fairy tail… again :D

so here is a half body drawing of natsu, im practicing body drawing so i drew natsu for this one 😛 also i only used 25 minutes on this which suprised me 😛 im really suprised of how fast i can sketch now 😛 but still i have to be aloooooooooot faster to draw manga 😛

5 thoughts on “Sketch day 26 – Natsu from Fairy tail… again :D”

  1. You want to draw manga, huh? I love stories, and all those art looked so cool, so I wanted to draw comics/manga back when I was younger, but I didn’t have that much motivation for it, mostly because I wasn’t confident in my drawing skills. And then I discovered my potential for writing, so I got motivated by it and decided to focus on developing it, so here I am, a dude with a blog filled with writings that I made. Well, if you put your mind to it, I guess you can fulfill your dreams! Do your best and have fun, man!

    1. cool, maybe if u like to write u can write a manga and i can draw it in the future? 😛 im not that good at writing (actually i am, but not that good) 😛 but if u want that it wont be before many years

      1. Maybe I can consider that…but I have more important stuff that I need to focus on. I’m pretty much content with writing stories, poems, etc. and sharing them with others through my blog right now, you know.

        Hmm…maybe there’s someone else out there who would like to collaborate with you? I guess you’ll probably meet one someday.

      2. well actually i know a friend but he draws but anyway this wont happen in maybe 3 years orso since im not taking stuff so seriously. i got tons of stuff i can become and want to becom but the problem is that becoming one of those things takes years and after years its not even sure i become what i wanted. so everything is just a big gamble.

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