the reason why i havent posted the last days

so the night before friday the 13th a big storm came and decided to knock some trees down over the power stuff (i sux at english :D) so since we are like the last priority at our village we got the electricity back last :/ but after almost 2 days without electricity i am back xD i could do just fine without internet but electricity!?!?!Β and i thought it would be back overnight but of course not. it was friday the 13th so no wonder….. this is actually the first year something bad happend to me on friday 13th but anyway i dont believe in such stuff so if u do go somewhere else with dat shit πŸ˜€

but since we didnt have any light we spent some time at my grandma and grandpa and they had power, and as long as i had power for my laptop it was good. also i had to prepare for exam this weekend and my teacher said i could draw for the exam so i decided to draw some christmas stuff. so since i could draw and had a flashlight i sketched some and i took a picture of the sketch in the daylight and put it on my laptop and it was the first vector/lineart i did of a drawing, i could post it later anyway to show it to you guys πŸ˜› it was a drawing of lucy. so then i went to sleep again and woke up, still no power. most of the time i just walked around doing nothing.

but since my exam theme is a christmas activity and we had nothing to do me and my parents went to the city which is like 45 min away from us at a christmas market. so i got to take some pictures of the market and stuff. and we went to the manga/anime stuff store nearby and i bought the 3 first volumes of fairy tail, vol 1 of from the new world which i picked because of the cover and so far its an awesome manga πŸ˜› i also bought some presents for my brothers and i bought myself my neighboor totoro artbook (not really happy for it) i didnt quite like it but since i love studio ghibli i just had to buy it xD also there was this cartoonist that was drawing and signing authographs but i didnt read his stuff since i dont read norwegian cartoon, its nothing like manga! cartoon could be good but not as good as manga πŸ˜€ but there was some people that was cosplaying as star wars people so on the way out my dad said i cold take pictures of them since i had a camera with me so in the middle of the shopping mall i got to take some pictures of them posing πŸ˜› here is a picture and it was also the first time ive seen cosplayers so close irl and my first picture of cosplayers so yeah πŸ˜›


but when we got home we had power and yeah, everything is back to normal πŸ˜› also i guess im bored now again x

btw POSTS OF PREVIOUS SKETCH DAYS IS COMING SINCE I PROMISED ONE DRAWING EVERY DAY! i did sketch but if i cant post them that doesnt count xD sorry for the long post and stuff πŸ˜›

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