AMV december day 1 – what is amv december?

so ive decided since i love AMV’s and i have seen tons of them im gonna make a new thing which is to share an amv with you people every day the rest of december. im kinda a bit late but better to start now than never πŸ˜€ so if you like the idea then please go ahead and participate aswell and share it and everyone is welcome to do it πŸ˜›
now there is also some other things u gotta write if u gonna do this and that is:
-write or say your opinion on why this amv was so good and why you liked it
that is basically it πŸ˜€ yup that was pretty short xD

so for the first amv i choose one i found today which is made by the BestAMVsOfAllTime guys which have like 10 accounts where they make amv’s with an average of 50k subs on each channel which is huge for amv channels πŸ˜€

but anyway here is the amv and btw its from one piece and i just found it moments ago and i really just liked the music but not one of the best amv’s ive seen, also im busy with exam and i didnt wanna take a really good amv since i dont really got time to write so much xD but tomorrow i will choose better amv’s that i like and explain alot more about them πŸ˜€ so check this one out and ill talk to u guys tomorrow!

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