amv december day 3 – one piece saving a son

Befor you watch or read this post be ready for spoilers! i do not care if i spoil anything if u now get spoiled its not my fault since you are warned 😛 no offense xD

so today i chose one of my favourite amv’s which is an One Piece amv and if u dont know i am a BIG fan of one piece xD so this amv i basically chose because of the anime and the song made everything alot more epic. and just so you know, when i choose an one piece amv it is basically because of the anime one piece since its so awesome and i love it. so the anime is about whitebeards entrance at marineford and the battle before luffy arrives. and the marineford arc is my most favourite and most sadest arc if u ask me. the whole fight that is going on in this army is so huge and awesome and we get to see alooooot of explanation of the powers to alot of the big guys, but actually alot is not shown and is kinda stupid. for example that the admirals arent really that serious if u ask me. and we also never get to see kizaru really use his power alot and it never looks like he is serious but that is probably because of his face xD but anyway, love the amv because of the anime, song and the editing is also pretty good and DnManumont (Hide) is my most favourite amv maker and i will be back one day in december analysing the second part of this amv since it is two videos because of an good reason 😛 so hope you enjoy it xD

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