FAIRY TAIL IS AWESOME!!!! and new drawings coming tomorrow (update)

i still got a christmas vacation and stuff but the reason why i havent drawn i would say is a good one xD because what ive done is watched 50 fairy tail episodes during the last days. and just one thing if u havent watched fairy tail yet and you think its not worth it then DOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! because the story is so awesome and the characters design and the fighting scenes are so awesome and this is the first anime ive watched that has made me cry alot every arc! like th one time i remember crying was when watching one piece when a big person died in like episode 500 orso, in fairy tail ive cried so many times since the story is so touching and every time its a final battle of an arc or against an evil guy im like sitting there for 20 minutes with my mouth open having goosebumps and crying because of the awesomeness of the fight and story!

so yeah, that pretty much sums it all up 😀 i will be drawing some stuff tomorrow hopefully xD and its probably gonna be fairy tail stuff.

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