Sketch day 32 – Erza from fairy tail

so yeah, ive been watching aloot of fairy tial recently and it has been a tearfull and epic adventure so far xD so i decided to sketch erza even though ive drawn her before :Dso hope you like it xD i think it turned out pretty good šŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Sketch day 32 – Erza from fairy tail”

    1. nope this is not it and i havent reached that arc yet, i googled the armour and i havent seen it before xD but its the samurai kinda armour that she uses against that sword lady at the wonderland or whatever, the arc with gerard. i think that is were i saw it. but its the armour that doesnt protect but makes her faster or whatever xD i remember all the best armours she used got crushed in a second so i was like what??? when she took off the armour šŸ˜€

      btw sorry for late reply and long reply :/

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