Sketch day 33 – Mystogan from fairy tail

so mystogan is one of the strongest people in the fairy tail guild but we know so little of him, atleast as far as ive come and i really like mystogan because i always love mysteries in anime/manga and this mystogan looks awesome! untill a day ago when i got to know his identity. i am very confused of who mystogan turned out to be but he just showed his power a little bit, then he left. so no spoilers if you know who mystogan really is xD but he looks so awesome with all his staffs and stuff and his cloak :Dnow here is the sketch so hope you enjoy 😛


2 thoughts on “Sketch day 33 – Mystogan from fairy tail”

  1. I remember learning about his identity way too early, leading me to getting spoiled when I inquired about it. Still, it’s not that big of a deal for me. When I know, I know. I won’t be able to forget that easily, too. Anyway, when I found out who he was at first, I was like:

    “What? I need an explanation, ’cause I am really interested in this strangeness right now.”

    1. haha, i got a friend that i like 15 episodes in front of me and he keeps watching just so he can spoil stuff to me. but i just tell him to shut up xD but if there is one thing i hate about anime is to get spoiled so that is why i always freak out if my friend is like spoiling anything xD even though it may not be a spoiler because he usually lies…

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