Sketch day 34 – Anna from Disney’s Frozen

so i watched the disney movie Frozen today and ive realized something recently and that is that since i suck so bad at manga and im not the biggest fan of drawing manga ive never thought about the thing i love the most which is anime or animation. im a much bigger fan of animation because i love to see storyes that is made life to and its so much better because you can hear the voice of the caracters and everything is alot more emotional than reading manga for example. and ive always drawn stuff from animes and not manga which is two different things so i realized i wanna become an animator, and i really want to become an animator for disney but i guess that is too hard also looking at the quality of the animation of the disney movies i doubt i can ever draw that good.

but anyway Frozen is my new favourite disney movie xD i just love everything about it and now i want art book of it, posters, calendar and everything 😀 also i loved the characters in it so i tried to draw Anna which is like the second main character and i think it turned out very good, also remember the movie/picture is 3d animation and its a bit hard to draw but i think as a first time it became really good 😀 so hope you enjoy and sorry for the long text, i just love to write 😀


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