Sketch day 38 – another OC inspired by frozen

so this drawing i did before the other one and i feel this one became pretty awesome exept the head got a bit big but im amazed i managed to draw the body pretty well also the clothes are something i made myself and the eyes became anime/manga eyes xD kinda looks like a boy but yeah, wahetever, i learn from my mistakes. that is why on every drawing i talk about what i did wrong and stuff because if u are good enough to see what you did wrong you are good enough to know how a good and nice drawing look like but i wont say i really learn from my mistakes all the time since i draw so many different drawings and each of them there is one thing wrong and with drawing you cant get better overnight, it takes time to learn stuff so i dont learn that fast by my mistakes, but its kinda mostly because im like copying pictures and not drawing from my mind because i basically dont know how stuff looks like the body, arms the placement of the arms at different poses and stuff xD but here is the drawing, i really should stop writing so much stuff -.-


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