my new years day

so yeah… didnt post or i didnt make a post where i said happy new year yesterday so happy new years even though its kinda late xD

now the reason why i didnt post anything was because i got sick yesterday. i never get sick and i got sick on the final day of the year xD so what happend was i had this stomach pain and i just couldnt sit and do anything so i went to sleep and its was like 1 hour till midnight and i threw up…. it wasnt that bad since i got kinda good afterwards but i threw up?!?!?! its over 5 years since last time :/ but i still didnt feel good after i did it but i went to sleep and now its morning and im still a bit sick and my stomach hurts a little bit because i havent eaten in like 1 day xD so yeah. that happend. and plus i hade like the worst dream/nightmare tonight. you know those dreams when you are half awake and half asleep and everything feels so real. and also what i dreamt was fairy tail… i cant really remember what the dream was about but i remember it was fairy tail…

so hope you hade a good new years eve or whatever u call it xD so happy new years 😀

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