Some info about new stuff on the blog and Update ^.^


so yeah i havent posted stuff in a week or two because ive been kinda busy but kinda not, i have been drawing stuff and stuff but i just havent uploaded which is one of the reasons why no posts xD also i recently started doing youtube seriously again, not that it takes so much time from my spare time but ive been added to this awesome private minecraft server for youtubers so the last 2 days ive played alot there 😀 but before u go ahead and say ur just gaming all day long and stuff… i dont 😛

what im actually using most of my time on is talking on skype. watching livestream. watching videos on youtube. and the biggest thing that is taking my time is watching anime 😀 the youtube part doesnt really take away anything since i usually do something else when i watch youtube vids, multitasking ftw O_O so i kinda have youtube as a background or secondary thing. but ive been watching fairy tail and atm im at episode 130 i think out of 175 so im nearing the end 😀 and when im watching anime i have to read the text because i cant listen to japanese and understand it so i gotta like focus on the anime and then i cant draw or anything while doing it 😛 and also dont forget i got school on top of everything xD i use like almost half my day on school and going back and forth to the school takes time aswell because i live kinda far away, but it doesnt really bother me xD

so the new changes to the blog is not anything really big, all im deciding to do is with all the sketch day posts i wont be writing so much in them anymore, jsut a short description of the drawing and what i feel like since i feel like i write too much in them and no one is gonna read it, im thinking the same with what im writing now xD i just write and write once i got something on my mind so yeah 😀 also gonna start doing some more reviews of animes and manga chapters of stuff. and ive said i love one piece a thousand times before but im sorry Oda, Fairy Tail is now my favourite anime/manga. that also reminds me the Fairy Tail anime starts in april again which means ill be done watching the 175 episodes so far when that is coming which means i wont be reading the manga since i want to watch the anime instead 😀 atleast for fairy tail. in the end of EVERY ARC in Fairy Tail i start crying of the awesomeness and the fight and everything which i wouldnt have done if i have read the manga which is something totally different so i wanna see the first thing as anime because i love anime alot more than manga so yeah 😛 i was thinking about fairy tail chapter reviews but since the anime is starting i wont be doing that 😦

so sorry for the long post -.- have a good day or a good night, and i will see ya all later 😛 FAIRY TAIL IS THE BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST O_O

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