Fairy Tail Anime Review/my opinion on fairy tail


just wanted to say sorry for such an long post πŸ˜› i just had to share my thaughts on this awesome anime series and stuff. but if you read it all thank you πŸ™‚

so i started wtaching fairy tail around christmas time and today i finally watched the last episode and OH MY GOD what an ending and what a place to end the anime at and just i dont have words for this awesome anime and manga. ive watched one piece and it was my most favourite anime but after watching fairy tail, fairy tail is now my favourite anime. the thing about one piece is that the anime is always so random and its just so slow pacing in its story if u compare it to fairy tail. for example the thing about usopp and chopper beeing all pussy all the time when they are not but lets not talk about one piece shall we πŸ˜›

so after the first episodes of fairy tail i wasnt so excited. the reason why was because i felt natsu was so strong that the people he fought wasnt a challenge to him. but this was only the first boring shit. and after getting into the series there was this thing i never got watching any other anime. it was that every arc i was always looking forward to the final battle because the fights and the reason why they fought and everything was so awesome that i cried of the awesomeness at every arc and fairy tail was also the anime where i sat with my mouth open at the fight scenes because they were so awesome. and all the arcs is soooooo awesome. like every arc i looked forward for the awesome epic battles and i always knew i would cry and be stunned with goosebumps. and none of the arcs dissapointed me expect the arc before the last one in the anime which was the arc about oracion seis and the clock thing. i felt it was too random and the final fight wasnt really awesome.

also fairy tail had alot of sad moments and awesome moments and the relationship with lucy and her father was so sad and stuff like that. so at the final episode i cried the hell and the hell out of poop, not because it was sad, BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME! and also if u dont cry or not a man according to me and Elfman πŸ˜€ and im just so amazed by how this anime every time makes such an awesome anime that makes me cry and get goosebumps all the time. and making someone get that and do that is the hardest thing to do. since the first awesome arc where i cried of the awesome fights and stuff i always had this expectation for the next arc that i would see an awesome fight in the end and cry and get goosebumps and sit and be crazy and for some reason they made that happen every time. and there was some times at the final battle of some arcs where it looked like natsu beat the evil guy but i didnt cry or get any goosebumps so i knew that this is not the end and the enemy came back and then it became awesome and when it became awesome i knew it was the end of the battle.


now to the end of the anime. i WILL SPOIL! so please dont get mad if u read this and if u havent seen the last episodes then you shouldnt read πŸ™‚ so tha final battle with natsu versus the twin dragons was the best battle ever and the last strike when we saw this flashback of happy putting his hand up and then it went to lucy doing it and i was like “the next scene the whole fairy tail will put up their hands” and when they did i cried like hell and the most awesome thing was the fact that natsu beat them so easily and he freakng stood up to maybe the strongest magic thing so far and he beat it like nothing. now that was the best fight in the whole series. then it goes to the future where levi is writing a letter and we get to hear her voice troughout arc where she is talking about how the tournament was and it ends with levi sitting in ruins looking like she is the only survivor and everything is demolished :O i cant wait to see what happens :/ and this is gonna happen because its like the future that has happend and we get to see it. but now how the anime ends is with jellal approaching this dude with a coat that have a similar magical power like zeref and he says she is a girl and she is about to take off her coat and then we see jellal beeing totally stunned and then its ends. it says to be continued. what tha hell πŸ˜› why did it end there 😦

also the anime is starting back up in april and i was gonna read the manga but then this was announced and i really dont want to read the manga before the anime because if i read mange the fight scenes wont be that awesome and i wont cry and stuff because i cant hear their voices and i cant hear the awesome fairy tail music at the final battle and yeah. i just like to hear a voice of the people more than reading them πŸ˜› but yeah april is gonna be a sick month. i got my birthday in april, fairy tail is starting in april again and elder scrolls online comes out in april. now i will end this post by saying fairy tail is now my most favourite anime and it has thaught me so much about life πŸ™‚ and yeah sorry for such an long post and only men cries πŸ˜›

5 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Anime Review/my opinion on fairy tail”

      1. btw did u cry or anything or get like really crazy when you saw the fighting scenes and stuff when you read the manga? because i wanna see the anime first because i think its more emotional than reading the manga but if the manga is the same i may read the manga so please tell me πŸ˜›

      2. depends on your taste, if you like reading manga more than you should start with the manga but if you like watching anime than watch the anime (its all a matter of personal taste)

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