One piece chapter 736 Review/spoilers – Luffy Breaks in

so since people are still viewing my other chapter reviews i decided to start making these again. but one thing that buggs me is that i created this blog for sketching and i just keep getting views on the old chapter reviews instead of my sketches but yeah whatever 😛 i like to write these reviews so i guess i will keep doing it 😛

3462e38b0d71e8a93be99d28afa389fd50760b643acf7bf67d0318e1so this chapter starts off at the tournament in the colliseum where the finals is now starting. and lucy is not luffy anymore but sabo. also now diamante has entered the ring since he is kinda the master or champion of the ring and is working for doflamingo so yeah. all we get to see from the ring this chapter is basically diamantes power which is the the hira hira no mi which is a flag man which means everything he touches he can turn into or something? for example he can turn himself into stone which he did. idk if he can turn into it any time he wants or the power of the fruit is turning into it when touching a material. so the next we get to see is the new fishes that is in the lake around the ring and they seem to be pretty though and strong, even stronger than the ones that we saw when law and the people were gonna cross that bridge to green bit i think it was. so the scene at the tournament ends with the gong rining and the match starts and we then skip to luffy and the people


Luffy and the people are now at the entrance to the palace and violet is saying there is a secret way in that entrance aswell but then they realize luffy is gone and im like “he is just gonna rush in and destroy anything” and he did, he did the giant pistol thing and destroyed the whole wall at the entrance 😀 it was awesome xD

4afbaf0a88f5712b835bbb3c42476bae1fd94d976a5260e9b376c3beso since luffy showed himself there and doflamingo thinks luffy is in the tournament still doflamingo gets a report that straw hat luffy is inside the castle then he doesnt believe it and then he gets another report saying violet, zoro and luffy is inside the palace and then that is the awesome thing about this chapter because doflamingo is sooo suprised that luffy is there 😀 and then doflamingo asks who the guy in the arena is since he thoguth lucy was luffy.

6a6ff4cc0870efc94ed00ee5aaae0919246df9e39428866ae7e1fd42then it skips to the toy factory where the toy dude and the dwarves is fighting against a dude called Lao-G which is a guy from the doflamingo family in diamantes (army) or what its called. and the dwarves and toy guy asks why he was there and then Lao-G says he was sent to defend the toy house and got on the lift (somehow he got on a lift) and ended up running into the intruders which is the dwarves and those people 😀 also Lao-G says he got mixed up so i guess i got lost. how can you even get lost when you are supposed to stay at a place to protect it. ur not supposed to even leave that place because you were supposed to protect it lol so idk. maybe the translation could be wrong or something but yea, kinda strange xD


and then this chapter ends off with luffy, violet and zoro running further into the castle to get to mingo but then suddendly something is coming out of the wall and it is a huge stone monster or something xD and guessing from that he has eaten a devil fruit and is a part of the doflamingo family. so what im expecting next is a fight against the stone monster, idk who will fight him and with Lao-G i think usopp or someone is gonna fight him maybe? since it looked like the toy dude and those people were struggling but we didnt get to see the dwarves fight only the flying dude which is their transportation i think 😛

so still there is nothing about sanji and the people at the ship that suddendly met big moms ship and the fight that franky is fighting wasnt shown anything about this chapter. but its only 19 pages a week and it would be hard to tell a story from like 5 different places in 19 pages so i guess it will change from chapter to chapter which place we get to see 😀 i hope to see sabo fighting and see if big mom actually is on big moms ship in the next chapters 😛 but yeah


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