changing the blog!


so ive been busy with a school project recently which is an short animation of slenderman xD so ill have to finish the animation this weekend and monday and tuesday so after that we get a visit from a school from sweden and that is gonna be cool xD also we are gonna get free food and dinner at the evening when they come so i will be home late but i wont have any school or projects then so i can draw then xD also im gonna focus most on digital drawings from now on and coloring and not so much sketching. ill be sketching some sketches when i need more for digital drawings thoug, but yea.

so what is gonna happen is:
-im not gonna post more sketches unless i do them
-digital drawings which is either lineart for other people to color or colored drawings or i may use linearts from other people and just color to practice coloring, ill be sure to link and credit them of course 😀
-ill start doing more reviews whichs includes anime reviews and tv-show reviews. no the series ill be reviewing is gonna be: walking dead episodes, one piece chapters, fairy tail anime when it starts in april (ill be making another post for the fairy tail anime when i get more information), one piece anime, pokemon x y anime and maybe noragami anime reviews.
-so since im doing digital drawings i wont get out one drawing everyday, maybe i can do it if i just color and dont draw the whole drawing but we will see.
-the next thing i may do is a weekly anime music video review or an artist spotlight if i have time, and the artist thing im thinking about asking people on deviantart that has awesome art and drawings and ill just take some pictures and talk about what i like about him/her, of course with their permission. now that im writing this im feeling like that is a kinda stupid and strange idea but well see
-also i wanna say thanks for the people that has followed, liked and watched the blog, also specially for those that has seen my one piece chapter review of sabo returns shich has like gotten crazy amount of views and is giving me like 40 views everyday which is huge. so that is why im gonna keep doing reviews since so many people like them and read them so yea.

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