one piece chapter 764 review – the meaning behind the D!!

so another chapter with the flashback to law’s childhood, as we remember last time corazon told law to stay away from doffy because he is a D. well in this chapter we get to know that corason actually has this devil fruit called the “nagi nagi no mi” which is a silent human, so basically he can make a wall to block out all the sound from coming in and going out of the wall, now i dont really see what this devil fruit is so good about, all that i can see it be used for is by having a private conversation as corason and Law did in this chapter.Screenshot_32

so corason tells that his duty is to keep his brother Doffy’s madness at bay. since Doffy is a madness and a devil since he was a kid corason is keeping him at bay in a way. but anyway i think the reason why he told law to stay away is because he is an D and in this chapter corason tell us about the D. and omg it is so awesome.


so the D is actually a bloodline or an inherited name that has went trough history all across the world. and people refer to the family of D as “Gods natural enemy” so basically everywhere the D goes a storm will build up and it will cause chaos. this is actually soo true considering gol D roger that created a new world of pirates that created chaos for the marine. Luffy has also created a havok wherever he has gone and same with Ace and everyone else with the D. and since it is inhertied means that all these people are kind of in a family which i think is really awesome. now corason says that no one really knows the full meaning of gods natural enemy but he says it could be that these people are against the celestial dragons which are kinda God and the fact that Luffy beat a celestial dragon is a good point to that theory and i just love it. 09

so basically what happens after all this is that law goes to doflamingo to tell him that corason could talk and everything but he ends up not doing anything. then corason kidnap Law to take him to doctors to try and find a cure for Law’s disease because he doesnt wand law to stay with doffy. but before they head out corason is hacing a conversation with sengoku! and i think he is kinda like a traitor kind of telling Doffy’s location at some times to keep Doffy’s madness at peace as he mentioned earlier, but as he also said, Vergo is on a special mission for Doffy and we get to see him walk in to sengoku. now the point of me saying this here i will get to later. so Corason basically take Law all around the world and every doctor doesnt wanna help him since he is infected by this fcked up disease so they end up going around for over 6 months finding nothing. then it ends with Corason getting a call from Doffy. now i think that Vergo found out that Corason was beeing a traitor by saying things to sengoku so then Vergo told this to Doffy so now Doffy is mad and i guess he will go and kill Corason next. and earlier in the present in One piece now i think law said that Doffy killed his own brother or something so yeah.

but anyway i hope you guys liked this sum up and some of the things i think may happen and some of my opinions and feel free to comment your opinions below, that would be really cool, thanks for reading and see ya all next time 🙂

and a special little picture in the end 🙂 1526804_253213751524825_2059121487_n

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