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Sketch day 17 – doflamingo from one piece

so here is the final sketch from last weekends drawing day or whatever 😀 i think the only reason why ive gotten to upload a sketch every day this week was because i had like 7 sketches that i did last saturday or whatever 😀 but anyway, ive been playing alot of runescape and its kinda an afk game so i could draw while playing it but for some reason i havent done it….. but anyway here is tha pictur :3


Sketch day 8 – crocodile from one piece

wow, i just wrote a long article about this sketch…. and everything was suddendly removed. well here we go again. so i decided to draw crocodile from the impel down arc when i was watching one of my favourite one piece amvs which was this one:

and also if you like one piece amvs you should check the other vids this guy has made, they are awesome. but anyway. i think crocodile is alot more cooler and better now than he was at alabasta since he know that luffy can easily beat him, luffy beat him all the way back at alabasta and he is alot stronger now so i think he still is stronger than crocodile. and besides, luffy knows crocodiles weakness which is water, it actually makes sense in two ways since water is super affective against sand and the devil fruit users cant touch water…. but anyway. i think crocodile was just going with luffy at this arc and at the marineford arc just to get out of impel down. but here is the sketch and sorry for the long text stuff xD