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AMV December day 2 – Hello :)

so today i chose a amv i watched some time back and i have probably seen it 50 times now 😀 the song and everything is just so perfect.

so the reason why i love this amv is the music and the awesome editing that the clips are in synch with the music, one awesome example on that is in the beginning where the drumming is and you can see the 2 awesome girls dancing at the same rythm as the song 😀 and also ive seen alot of animes from this amv and the thing about amvs is that they bring out the best moments of animes which is so awesome to watch over again 🙂
also there is alot of buubs and ass in this video which is always a plus 😛

so i hope you enjoy this amv aswell and if you wanna participate in the amv december then go ahead 🙂 all you gotta do is write about your favourite amvs everyday in december 😛 so dont be afraid 😛


pokemon #2 – Snover

so here is the done drawing of Snover which i posted a sketch of, and u probably will say i used long time from when i uploaded the sketch to when i uploaded the finished one but i didnt, i finished the drawing before i posted the sketch and pokemons doesnt take long to ink and color so i didn use long time 😀 just sayin xD