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One Piece chapter 801 review – so MANY answers!!!

this chapter was really amazing, we got alot of answers of stuff!

so first we have CP-0.
The persons we see talking is Rob Lucci from CP-9. if you look at the person talking he has the same beard as rob lucci and he also has the bird on his shoulder, this was such a moment to get to know that Rob Lucci actually is in CP-0. as we know luffy beat Rob lucci before when he was in CP-9, and that was one of the most epic battles for luffy (atleast i think). so considering this if CP-0 fights the straw hats again we could perhaps see a rematch?
also we see another person beside Rob which looks like Spandam, which was also in CP-9.
now the question now is… HOW strong are rob lucci now? what ive understood CP-0 is the strongest Cipher Pol crew and then the second is CP-1 and then so on… and we remember CP-9 was strong, then think about CP-0.


Next thing that was awesome in this chapter was the Statues of Luffy, Usopp and Kyros. so awesome that they got a statue in dressroas, and i laughed so hard at Usopp’s statue 😀


Then after that we get to see doflamingo again talking about the new world and who is actually the person in control of the new world. this was actually really cool when we got to see pictures of all the big pirates where there was one new person, im not quite sure. but we can see beside Kaido there is a giant person and doffy is talking about the yonkou and the schibukais in the picture i have a feeling that the person beside Kaido could be big mom… but also not, bcus big mom doesnt have hair like that. but we never know. before we knew how kaido looked like he looked COMPLETLY different from how he actually looks. so we never know. the person that is beside Kaido tho actually looks like a giant ive seen before but i cant really remember where, so that will be a mystery for the future 😀


The interesting part after doflamingo’s speech was that someone was looking at the navy ship from a distance and even tho the people on the ship means that they shouldnt attack the navy ship the guy says that he will go and take him back, and “him” here should be doflamingo… so as we know from one piece so far, enemies that luffy beat always comes back, gecko more came back, crocodile came back and now rob lucci is also back. so maybe, just maybe, doflamingo will be back one day…


Now to the interesting part, the new bounties of the straw hats!!!
Luffy now has a Bounty of 500 million.
Zoro has a bounty on 320 million, finally he got a big bounty aswell, because i feel that zoro is almost as strong as luffy or stronger now.
Nico Robin has 130 million.
Franky got 94 million, why not 100…. jesus.
And of course Usopp got a big raise for 200 million, probably because after what happend people think usopp is strong, even tho he was just lucky when he beat sugar.
Sanji has 177 million bounty.
brook has 83 million.
chopper still has 100…. jesus, whyyyyy 😀
nami has 66 million and a sexy picture 😀
also all of the posters got new pictures which is really awesome!!


now the interesting part about the wanted posters is Sanji….
Sanji is only wanted Alive…
this had me thinking and ive read alot of people thinking that he could be a prince or be in the royal family, that may be right.

the thing i thought about was because of his connections to the revolutionary army, since he trained under Ivankov which was in the revolutionary army, we dont really know since we dont knwo what happend during the 2 years of training to the full extend. but i was thinking that the connection with the revolutionary army would be why he is wanted alive, so that the goverment can question him… but this doesnt make sense since Robin was actually WITH the revolutionary army in the 2 years of training, so why isnt she wanted alive? so that basically destroyed my theory. but you never know

hope you really liked the review and tell me your opinions of this chapter in the comments below!
see you for the next review, next week!


One Piece chapter 730 review – big mom!



so i was really suprised that a one piece chapter came out today.
so first off since one piece was on a like 2 week hiatus i was expecting a big and awesome chapter and halfway trought the chapter i freaked out!

so first it starts off with doflamingo taking Law after Law is beaten. then zoro and kinemon attacks doflamingo head on but zoro get blocked by the admiral Issho or whatever he is called (cant remember :D) and the admiral knocks zoro away which i was amazed by after how strong zoro looks like now. but i dont think zoro used any of his power since he only used one sword. and kinemon then gets cut by doflamingo i think. then doflamingo and the admiral lifts off into the sky and goes to the palace with law. now then while luffy is watching and cant get out because of the prism stone stuff. so zoro tells luffy to find the way out but whats stupid is that i bet zoro could have easily just cut those bars away or cut the wall down, but no…..

so it then shifts off to sanji and nami and the rest on the boat, and that is when i get shocked. then i think Brook (or sanji) says that big mom’s pirate ship is right behind them and OMG what a huge ship. and they all freak out and usopp of course freaks out 😀 but luffy asks if big mom is on the ship but they can only see the guys from the fishman island arc on there and we can see them saying “mommy, we confimed that the ceasar is on the ship” and since i cant see a denden mushi or anything i think they said it directly to big mom shich means big mom is on the ship. and the reason they wanna take ceaser idk but ceaser tells sanji that he cant be taken by big mom since he has done bad stuff to big mom and that she will kill him. then nami talks about the three cards they are beeing played in. that is the “smile factory”, “ceasar” and “momonosuke for unknown reasons” so then she says to luffy that if we let doflamingo take law then all the sacrifices law has done for them will be pointless for some reason. because law is a part of one of the cards which is the smile factory i think. then sanji asks luffy if its ok to backfire at big moms ship and of course luffy says yes! then it switches back to Dressrosa and it ends with luffy and the gang saying they are going to the palace to kick doflamingos ass in a bad ass way like always 😀


i am so hyped for the next chapter right now 😀 the arc is finally done with the explanation stage and i think its time for the action to happen. now i cant wait to see if big mom makes an apperanse and if she does then i think the guys on thousand sunny has a small problem.  and also i cant wait to see luffy and the guys going to the palace because i felt they didnt get to fight back properly since everything happend so fast. i guess its gonna be like that time when they fought CP9 for robin where they get to fight each enemy in the palace. now talkign about CP9, CP0 was introduced at dressrosa some time back but i wonder if they are gonna make another appearence and if they are gonna do something.

so i hope you liked this review and feel the same as me 😀 now remember all i wrote is stuff i think and i mean, not what you think so if you dont agree with me that is fine but this is only my opinion 😀