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Digital Coloring #15 – Lets make up for the time we lost (erza scarlet)

let_s_make_up_for_the_time_we_lost___lineart_by_anpannyanpan-d6hcwquthis gotta be one of my best coloring of erza scarlet if u ask me 😀 also i tried to play around with some shine and stuff on her skin so hope u enjoy ;P

also if you would like the full version just click the image and you will come to the deviantArt page for the full size picture 😀


Sketch day 56 – Erza Scarlet

another sketch of erza but this one is a cloesup of her face xD also i took this picture and the sketch of Jellal before this post from when erza and jellal met again at that beach before the tournament started 😛 also this drawing turned out super good xD


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