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One Piece chapter 742 reviw – the story about rebecca and scarlet + strawhats beaten?!

so this chapter was awesome. in this chapter we got to know the rest of kyros’s past. so kyros was now undefeated and had won 3000 battles so he left the arena. then he became captain of the king riku army. so i think his main mission was to protect the daughters of king riku adn those daughters was named Violet and Scarlet. the daughters didnt like it because kyros was a dirty man so they ordered him to not even touch them. but one day Scarlet was taken by pirates but then kyros crushed the whole ship it looked like, so he saved Scarlet and from that day Scarlet looked at Kyros in another way and she fell in love with him. Screenshot_31
the kingdom didnt like this because kyros has this huge criminal record. then scarlet says “if i cannot become one with this man i will die”. then the next day we can see a funreal and scarlet had died. i was like “did she really die?!?!” but no. it was a fake funereal to make everyone think she died. she only did this to live with kyros.

while we talk about scarlet ill tell u my first impression of her character design. when i first saw her i thought she was a random character and i immediatly thought “this is nami” because she really looks like Nami. but then she became a big character so that was a suprise for me 😀


the next thing that happens is that Rebecca is born which is Scarlet’s and Kyro’s daughter. and i was so shocked when i saw this. this means that Kyros which is the toy soldier actually protected her daughter for many many years. we knew this from before that the toy soldier was her father because this is all the toy soldiers past we are talking about here. so again Oda makes some awesome conenctions with characters. and this means that rebecca and Violet is in the same family which is really cool 😀

then the story is skipped to the day that doflamingo took dressrosa which was explained how he did some chapters back. so Kyros went to save the king and told Scarlet and Rebecca to wait at the red flower fields for him.

but when kyros came to the king he was captured with seastone chains. but since he isnt a devil user it didnt matter but his foot was stuck. AND THEN something happend. he cut of his foot!! to get loose and jumped at doflamingo, but unfortunately before he reached doflamingo, sugar turned him into a toy. and that is the toy soldier. so that is why the toy soldier only had one leg, he cut of his leg to attack doffy.i013

so now is the sad moment of this chapter and this story. since kyros was turned into a toy no one remembers him and who he is which happens when you are turned into a toy. so what happens next is that Kyros (toy soldier) spots Scarlet and she get shot. Kyros then run over to her to hold her before she dies. and Scarlet dont remember kyros or anything so she ahs forgotten about him and that is the place Scarlet died 😦 😦 😦 i am so sad that she died. and since Kyros was a toy he said that he couldnt even feel hear warmth leaving her as she died 😦

Screenshot_33but scarlet then tells him that rebecca is hungry and waiting for her. which means she really cares for rebecca even when she is dieyng 😦 and the rest of the story we know from another chapter about how the toy soldier raised rebecca.

now we skip back to the present day to Luffy where they still dont know when to attack and where. then we move to the colluseum. where burgess is using so much force that the arena is about to break. atleast that what the guards are saying. so my guess is that the arena will eventually break and they will all fall down to the factory and my guess is that sabo will beat burgess and rebecca will beat diamante and the rest will help the straw hats at the factory. that is probably what is gonna happen if u ask me. also i dont think oda put this in if nothing is gonna happen. why would he draw some guards saying the arena is almost breaking when its not gonna happen. so i knwo the arena will break 😀 then we see Diamante shout to Rebecca that HE was the one that shot and killed her mom Scarlet. and we saw it was him earlier when we saw Scarlet die so Diamante killed Scarlet. now this si why i think rebecca will beat him, but i doubt she can do it alone so she is gonna get help from brtolomeo.

so then we get to see from the toy house where franky is BEATEN! then we get to see usopp and the dwarves is shouting for usoland to win. BUT Usoland is beaten and is unconcius almost and then we can see Sugar give him back the poisonus grape that he probably tried to put into her mouth. sugar then puts it into his mouth and tell him to die and she hits him it looks like. adn then tha last 2 pages are a huge drawing of usopp’s face and expression adn we can see his eyes and tongue just shoots out of him lol and then it looks like something happend because the same happend to Sugar. so idk maybe she got a taste of the poision aswell.


but this is the kind of battle ive loved and the only good battle luffy has had was when he fought the tiger dude at that robin arc. the reason why is because he was beaten to hell but he got up because of the thaughts of his nakamas and that usopp was shouting to him get up which is really awesome. so my guess is that they will think about their nakams and use the power of the spirit and own them all. i dont think those 2 years of training did so little that they are beaten like that so easliy, specially franky. so my guess is that they will get back up and own them 😀 and i hope to see some action from luffy for example he just jumping in on doffy instead of going for a plan because that is how luffy does stuff 😀

so stuff is getting to its climax so i cant wait to see some awesome battles from now on. but since the story is happening at soooo many places it takes time to keep the story running at every scene every chapter, for example sanji and the guys at the ship, we havent seen anything from them yet so we need to keep that in mind. and remember sanji backfired at big moms ship. and if big mom is on the ship my guess is that sanji is not strong enought to beat her so maybe big mom beats the straw hats there and take them to dressrosa and than idk xD

if you read all this then thank you soooo much 😀 i used almost an hour to write this so it would be awesome if you did ;P see ya in the next review!