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One Piece chapter 801 review – so MANY answers!!!

this chapter was really amazing, we got alot of answers of stuff!

so first we have CP-0.
The persons we see talking is Rob Lucci from CP-9. if you look at the person talking he has the same beard as rob lucci and he also has the bird on his shoulder, this was such a moment to get to know that Rob Lucci actually is in CP-0. as we know luffy beat Rob lucci before when he was in CP-9, and that was one of the most epic battles for luffy (atleast i think). so considering this if CP-0 fights the straw hats again we could perhaps see a rematch?
also we see another person beside Rob which looks like Spandam, which was also in CP-9.
now the question now is… HOW strong are rob lucci now? what ive understood CP-0 is the strongest Cipher Pol crew and then the second is CP-1 and then so on… and we remember CP-9 was strong, then think about CP-0.


Next thing that was awesome in this chapter was the Statues of Luffy, Usopp and Kyros. so awesome that they got a statue in dressroas, and i laughed so hard at Usopp’s statue πŸ˜€


Then after that we get to see doflamingo again talking about the new world and who is actually the person in control of the new world. this was actually really cool when we got to see pictures of all the big pirates where there was one new person, im not quite sure. but we can see beside Kaido there is a giant person and doffy is talking about the yonkou and the schibukais in the picture i have a feeling that the person beside Kaido could be big mom… but also not, bcus big mom doesnt have hair like that. but we never know. before we knew how kaido looked like he looked COMPLETLY different from how he actually looks. so we never know. the person that is beside Kaido tho actually looks like a giant ive seen before but i cant really remember where, so that will be a mystery for the future πŸ˜€


The interesting part after doflamingo’s speech was that someone was looking at the navy ship from a distance and even tho the people on the ship means that they shouldnt attack the navy ship the guy says that he will go and take him back, and “him” here should be doflamingo… so as we know from one piece so far, enemies that luffy beat always comes back, gecko more came back, crocodile came back and now rob lucci is also back. so maybe, just maybe, doflamingo will be back one day…


Now to the interesting part, the new bounties of the straw hats!!!
Luffy now has a Bounty of 500 million.
Zoro has a bounty on 320 million, finally he got a big bounty aswell, because i feel that zoro is almost as strong as luffy or stronger now.
Nico Robin has 130 million.
Franky got 94 million, why not 100…. jesus.
And of course Usopp got a big raise for 200 million, probably because after what happend people think usopp is strong, even tho he was just lucky when he beat sugar.
Sanji has 177 million bounty.
brook has 83 million.
chopper still has 100…. jesus, whyyyyy πŸ˜€
nami has 66 million and a sexy picture πŸ˜€
also all of the posters got new pictures which is really awesome!!


now the interesting part about the wanted posters is Sanji….
Sanji is only wanted Alive…
this had me thinking and ive read alot of people thinking that he could be a prince or be in the royal family, that may be right.

the thing i thought about was because of his connections to the revolutionary army, since he trained under Ivankov which was in the revolutionary army, we dont really know since we dont knwo what happend during the 2 years of training to the full extend. but i was thinking that the connection with the revolutionary army would be why he is wanted alive, so that the goverment can question him… but this doesnt make sense since Robin was actually WITH the revolutionary army in the 2 years of training, so why isnt she wanted alive? so that basically destroyed my theory. but you never know

hope you really liked the review and tell me your opinions of this chapter in the comments below!
see you for the next review, next week!


One piece chapter 743 – doflamingo is dead?!?!? and Sabo’s Dragon attack

This chaper was just…. just so FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

i believe this was my favourite and most awesome chapter of one piece so far, because so much awesome stuff happend and im freaking freaking out.

so what i predicted from the last chapter was right, Sugar is uncouncious and her power does not work anymore which made it so all the toys turned back to the normal people, just as i predicted. and all the memories of the people that was turned into toys are now remembered which makes everything perfect.Screenshot_4

So i kinda knew this would happen and i predicted that everyone would go against doffy kinda and help the straw hats, and also i think usopp will now be remembered as the guy that saved everyone πŸ˜€

so since all the toys are returned to how they once was which was usually pirates and people from the navy and such they all started to attack and chaos broke loose, so doffy kept getting reports of chaos and this is when we know doffy is fcked because now everyone is going for him. also some of the toys are even animals and beasts

and how i know that everyone is against dofflamingo and going against him we can see on this awesome doouble spread page or what it was called again.


Kuros is turned back to his original self but when he was the toy soldier they didnt want to attack doffy head on. BUT, when kuros got back his human form he jumped at doffy, and it looks complettly like when he did it 10 years ago when he was turned into a toy.
also since he is back violet remember him now and so does king riku.
and this is when i pooped my pants. Kuros jumps up with his sword and CUTS doflamingso head off. literally.Screenshot_6

and then this gotta be my favourite line in one piece since i started reading it. which is Kuros saying “i came to get back the real dressrosa!!!” which was suuuuper awesome

so my question now is doflamingo dead? well i hope so but i hardly think oda has built up all this stuff just so doflamingo would die with a single cut. and i think his devil fruit does that he can also cut himself up but that is kinda weird to think about, for example buggy can be cut but he ate the fruit for it. but i dont think doffy is dead if u ask me because its just too simple.

now this is not everything this chapter contains. there is more AWESOME STUFF AHEAD. so now we head to the colosseum where rebecca remember she has a father which is kuros which we all got to know last chapter when we saw kuros past and how rebecca was born. and she remembers him so she is now crying of hapyness.

THEN!!! FINALLY after all this time. its SABOS TURN TO SHOW HIS POWERS!!! sabo goes down on his knewws, puts his fists to the ground and we can clearly see, his hands is black which means armanent haki! and he says “lets finish this match” then he start saying an attack, just like luffy says gomu gomu no and stuff. and this is when i know something HUGE will happen. he says “ryuusouken, the Dragon’s Breathe” and he CRUSHES THE WHOLE ARENA!!!!! omg is all i have to say. how powerful is sabo?!?!Screenshot_9



he is probably alot stronger than luffy considereing he has been trained by Dragon all since he was a kid maybe. also his move has Dragon in it which means i think he called that move after his trainer Moneky D. Dragon, which means now we know that dragon has probably trained him and made him strong. but omg this is so awesome to see how powerful sabo is. and if he were to join Luffys crew later on i guess the straw hats would be unstopable. also my guess after this is the Straw hats will get alot of allies because they turned all the toys back and such.

so thank you oda for making such an awesome chapter. the toys turned back, doflamingo got beheaded and sabo used haki and blew up the arena, havent seen so much awesome stuff in one chapter for a long time so hope you enjoyed it aswell πŸ˜€


One Piece chapter 742 reviw – the story about rebecca and scarlet + strawhats beaten?!

so this chapter was awesome. in this chapter we got to know the rest of kyros’s past. so kyros was now undefeated and had won 3000 battles so he left the arena. then he became captain of the king riku army. so i think his main mission was to protect the daughters of king riku adn those daughters was named Violet and Scarlet. the daughters didnt like it because kyros was a dirty man so they ordered him to not even touch them. but one day Scarlet was taken by pirates but then kyros crushed the whole ship it looked like, so he saved Scarlet and from that day Scarlet looked at Kyros in another way and she fell in love with him. Screenshot_31
the kingdom didnt like this because kyros has this huge criminal record. then scarlet says “if i cannot become one with this man i will die”. then the next day we can see a funreal and scarlet had died. i was like “did she really die?!?!” but no. it was a fake funereal to make everyone think she died. she only did this to live with kyros.

while we talk about scarlet ill tell u my first impression of her character design. when i first saw her i thought she was a random character and i immediatly thought “this is nami” because she really looks like Nami. but then she became a big character so that was a suprise for me πŸ˜€


the next thing that happens is that Rebecca is born which is Scarlet’s and Kyro’s daughter. and i was so shocked when i saw this. this means that Kyros which is the toy soldier actually protected her daughter for many many years. we knew this from before that the toy soldier was her father because this is all the toy soldiers past we are talking about here. so again Oda makes some awesome conenctions with characters. and this means that rebecca and Violet is in the same family which is really cool πŸ˜€

then the story is skipped to the day that doflamingo took dressrosa which was explained how he did some chapters back. so Kyros went to save the king and told Scarlet and Rebecca to wait at the red flower fields for him.

but when kyros came to the king he was captured with seastone chains. but since he isnt a devil user it didnt matter but his foot was stuck. AND THEN something happend. he cut of his foot!! to get loose and jumped at doflamingo, but unfortunately before he reached doflamingo, sugar turned him into a toy. and that is the toy soldier. so that is why the toy soldier only had one leg, he cut of his leg to attack doffy.i013

so now is the sad moment of this chapter and this story. since kyros was turned into a toy no one remembers him and who he is which happens when you are turned into a toy. so what happens next is that Kyros (toy soldier) spots Scarlet and she get shot. Kyros then run over to her to hold her before she dies. and Scarlet dont remember kyros or anything so she ahs forgotten about him and that is the place Scarlet died 😦 😦 😦 i am so sad that she died. and since Kyros was a toy he said that he couldnt even feel hear warmth leaving her as she died 😦

Screenshot_33but scarlet then tells him that rebecca is hungry and waiting for her. which means she really cares for rebecca even when she is dieyng 😦 and the rest of the story we know from another chapter about how the toy soldier raised rebecca.

now we skip back to the present day to Luffy where they still dont know when to attack and where. then we move to the colluseum. where burgess is using so much force that the arena is about to break. atleast that what the guards are saying. so my guess is that the arena will eventually break and they will all fall down to the factory and my guess is that sabo will beat burgess and rebecca will beat diamante and the rest will help the straw hats at the factory. that is probably what is gonna happen if u ask me. also i dont think oda put this in if nothing is gonna happen. why would he draw some guards saying the arena is almost breaking when its not gonna happen. so i knwo the arena will break πŸ˜€ then we see Diamante shout to Rebecca that HE was the one that shot and killed her mom Scarlet. and we saw it was him earlier when we saw Scarlet die so Diamante killed Scarlet. now this si why i think rebecca will beat him, but i doubt she can do it alone so she is gonna get help from brtolomeo.

so then we get to see from the toy house where franky is BEATEN! then we get to see usopp and the dwarves is shouting for usoland to win. BUT Usoland is beaten and is unconcius almost and then we can see Sugar give him back the poisonus grape that he probably tried to put into her mouth. sugar then puts it into his mouth and tell him to die and she hits him it looks like. adn then tha last 2 pages are a huge drawing of usopp’s face and expression adn we can see his eyes and tongue just shoots out of him lol and then it looks like something happend because the same happend to Sugar. so idk maybe she got a taste of the poision aswell.


but this is the kind of battle ive loved and the only good battle luffy has had was when he fought the tiger dude at that robin arc. the reason why is because he was beaten to hell but he got up because of the thaughts of his nakamas and that usopp was shouting to him get up which is really awesome. so my guess is that they will think about their nakams and use the power of the spirit and own them all. i dont think those 2 years of training did so little that they are beaten like that so easliy, specially franky. so my guess is that they will get back up and own them πŸ˜€ and i hope to see some action from luffy for example he just jumping in on doffy instead of going for a plan because that is how luffy does stuff πŸ˜€

so stuff is getting to its climax so i cant wait to see some awesome battles from now on. but since the story is happening at soooo many places it takes time to keep the story running at every scene every chapter, for example sanji and the guys at the ship, we havent seen anything from them yet so we need to keep that in mind. and remember sanji backfired at big moms ship. and if big mom is on the ship my guess is that sanji is not strong enought to beat her so maybe big mom beats the straw hats there and take them to dressrosa and than idk xD

if you read all this then thank you soooo much πŸ˜€ i used almost an hour to write this so it would be awesome if you did ;P see ya in the next review!



One piece chapter 731 review – Luffy meets Sabo – Sabo confirmed alive!!!!!

all i gotta say to this chapter is oh my fcking god πŸ˜€ i am so suuuuuuuuuuper happy right now xD im gonna get more in dept with the whole sabo thing towards the end of the review so i hope you will enjoy πŸ˜›

so the chapter starts off with Bellamy getting a beating from one of doffy’s guy when bartolomeo shows up and saves him and the guys that was beating Bellamy leaves. then Bellamy start saying he doesnt want his help and stuff but bartolomeo is so kind hearted and says “i wouldnt let a friend die without helping” and Bellamy says he has nothing to live for.


the next scene is at the flower bit where usoland, robin and franky plus the toy army is located. so since the name of this chapter is “dressrosa operation sop” so at the flower bit the toy guy start talking about the plan they have made called “operation sop” which is a plan to take on the toy factory. the plan is to take out the girl with the hobby fruit which is the person that made everyone into toys. and when all the toys turn back into humans they will not know what would hapen to them if they are going to be mad or happy or if the country is gonna be in chaos when it happens. but alteast we now know that usopp and the guys are going to have to fight a subordinate of doflamingo.

now back to the colluseum. now this is the place where it gets interesting. luffy is still looking for the way out and he meets Bellamy and Bartolomeo. Bartolomeo then collapse because he thinks Luffy is so cool that he cant look at him, Bartolomeo is acting like Luffy is a god πŸ˜› actually it wont suprise me if he becomes a new straw hat pirate in the future and that would actually be pretty cool. but anyways. Bellamy then tells luffy there is no way out of the colluseum but that he can follow Bellamy on his way out since he knows the way out but i think its ehavily guarded or something.

Then now is the moment ive been waiting for, for a long long time. we see a guy walking, we can only see his feet and we can see luffy looks over at him.Β Screenshot_13Then we can see him saying “The “fire fruit” can be given to you, strawhat Luffy” then Bartolomeo is like made since he is talking to luffy that way and start saying he doesnt know about the relationship with luffy and ace and that they were brothers. BUT!! he then just hit Bartolomeo away, but it doesnt seem like he is Screenshot_14even trying to hit him. we can then see luffy talking to the guy but we cant see what they are saying. and then suddendly we see some tears from luffy’s eyes and then the next page is one of the Screenshot_15coolest face portraits Oda has done of luffy if u ask me. a whole page just of Luffysa face reaction. then it cuts to that Luffy is outside with zoro in a costume as a toy to get Screenshot_16out. we then see luffy cries all the time he is running. and the first time i read the chapter i was like, why is he crying and that was because i didnt notice he was talking to a guy and i thought Bellamy was the person to talk to luffy about taht he couldnt get the fire fruit. but i took one more look and it was Sabo!







then in the next scene we can see probably a friend of sabo talking to him on the den den mushi.Screenshot_17Β And the cool thing is that Oda made the design of her hat almost as Sabo’s hat.
then we get to know her name and that she is from the revolutionary army which means that Dragon actually found sabo the day he was shot at that boat and that he took him in. so Sabo has been in the revolutionary army all along and i think the reason why Sabo never has made an entrance before was because dragon felt like he wasnt strong enough. and that is probably the reason why he didnt appear at the war at marineford. but as you know Robin was at the revolutionary army during the 2 years of training so she must have known about Sabo but she hasnt said anything about it. but what everyone did during the 2 years of training is still pretty unknown, all we know is that some of them became alot stronger.

but we still havent seen Sabos face or anything but right now the evidence and what has happend we know that sabo is alive. and the ending of this chapter is soooo magnificent. it ends with Luffy saying “i really never thought he would be alive… I… ive always thought… always thought… he was dead!!! and we can see the three cups of sake Luffy, Ace and Sabo drank to become brothers when they were kids.


and right now everything leads to that Sabo is alive!!! i am so happy that sabo is finally back and ive always known he was alive because when sabo was introduced he just died short after and Oda wouldnt indtroduce such a big person in the series and just kill him. and also we know Oda he is super good at making suprises! so ive known there was some hidden stuff about Sabo, but i never knew he would be such a big person. but i bet Oda has great plans of Sabo since he hasnt been seen since he was a kid which is suuuuper long ago. and i wold admit i has been crying a little of hapyness because Sabo finally is back πŸ˜€ also i got to read it before i went to school so i take the bus for like 45 mins so ive just been thinking about this whole Sabo thing πŸ˜› also ive now written thsi review during my english class πŸ˜› so hope you like it xD and sorry for such a long review πŸ™‚ and also dont forget to follow the blog for weekly reviews and daily sketches and drawings!

One Piece chapter 730 review – big mom!



so i was really suprised that a one piece chapter came out today.
so first off since one piece was on a like 2 week hiatus i was expecting a big and awesome chapter and halfway trought the chapter i freaked out!

so first it starts off with doflamingo taking Law after Law is beaten. then zoro and kinemon attacks doflamingo head on but zoro get blocked by the admiral Issho or whatever he is called (cant remember :D) and the admiral knocks zoro away which i was amazed by after how strong zoro looks like now. but i dont think zoro used any of his power since he only used one sword. and kinemon then gets cut by doflamingo i think. then doflamingo and the admiral lifts off into the sky and goes to the palace with law. now then while luffy is watching and cant get out because of the prism stone stuff. so zoro tells luffy to find the way out but whats stupid is that i bet zoro could have easily just cut those bars away or cut the wall down, but no…..

so it then shifts off to sanji and nami and the rest on the boat, and that is when i get shocked. then i think Brook (or sanji) says that big mom’s pirate ship is right behind them and OMG what a huge ship. and they all freak out and usopp of course freaks out πŸ˜€ but luffy asks if big mom is on the ship but they can only see the guys from the fishman island arc on there and we can see them saying “mommy, we confimed that the ceasar is on the ship” and since i cant see a denden mushi or anything i think they said it directly to big mom shich means big mom is on the ship. and the reason they wanna take ceaser idk but ceaser tells sanji that he cant be taken by big mom since he has done bad stuff to big mom and that she will kill him. then nami talks about the three cards they are beeing played in. that is the “smile factory”, “ceasar” and “momonosuke for unknown reasons” so then she says to luffy that if we let doflamingo take law then all the sacrifices law has done for them will be pointless for some reason. because law is a part of one of the cards which is the smile factory i think. then sanji asks luffy if its ok to backfire at big moms ship and of course luffy says yes! then it switches back to Dressrosa and it ends with luffy and the gang saying they are going to the palace to kick doflamingos ass in a bad ass way like always πŸ˜€


i am so hyped for the next chapter right now πŸ˜€ the arc is finally done with the explanation stage and i think its time for the action to happen. now i cant wait to see if big mom makes an apperanse and if she does then i think the guys on thousand sunny has a small problem.Β  and also i cant wait to see luffy and the guys going to the palace because i felt they didnt get to fight back properly since everything happend so fast. i guess its gonna be like that time when they fought CP9 for robin where they get to fight each enemy in the palace. now talkign about CP9, CP0 was introduced at dressrosa some time back but i wonder if they are gonna make another appearence and if they are gonna do something.

so i hope you liked this review and feel the same as me πŸ˜€ now remember all i wrote is stuff i think and i mean, not what you think so if you dont agree with me that is fine but this is only my opinion πŸ˜€