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Digital Coloring #15 – Lets make up for the time we lost (erza scarlet)

let_s_make_up_for_the_time_we_lost___lineart_by_anpannyanpan-d6hcwquthis gotta be one of my best coloring of erza scarlet if u ask me 😀 also i tried to play around with some shine and stuff on her skin so hope u enjoy ;P

also if you would like the full version just click the image and you will come to the deviantArt page for the full size picture 😀


Digital Colorng #7 – Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail


well this coloring turned out to be my best one so far if u ask me 😀 and not only because of the color but because of the drawing aswell 😀 i just love drawings like these, yes im a boy so dont judge me 😀 also i want to say that boys may like big boobs and such but all the boys dont look for that in girls irl, specially not when you are around 18 years old, just a fact about us boys 😀

also if you want more information check out the picture on my deviantArt here:http://animedrawer96.deviantart.com/art/Juvia-Lockser-from-Fairy-Tail-442119795

Digital Coloring #6 – Lisanna Maid



this coloring turned out perfect if you ask me 😀 also i got a tip from a guy to do more shading with colors where he ment that i should make more different darker shades and not like shade with 1 color but have a darker and darker shade. hard to explain so sorry for bad explanation ;P

if you want to know more check out the picture on my dA here: http://animedrawer96.deviantart.com/art/Lisanna-Maid-Fairy-Tail-442035070